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“I have worked continuously with Teleconcepts for the past five years. Jim initially helped us realign our tele-sales strategy. He then developed a sales training curriculum for our reps. But perhaps more significantly, Jim helped us implement a proactive coaching program that we’ve implemented company wide.?The results? We have literally doubled our sales, reduced turnover and hired some superb reps and managers. It doesn’t get much better than that!?
Roy Edgerton
CEO & President
Analgesic Healthcare

"Helping businesses use the telephone more effectively to sell"

Is your telephone selling program not as effective and profitable as it should be …or could be?

Are you struggling to hit your revenue targets? Do you feel your reps are capable of selling more? Is it a challenge to find, recruit, and keep good tele-sales reps? Are you concerned that your tele-sales managers lack the experience and knowledge to guide your tele-sales team?

Do you think your tele-sales team could do better?

If this describes your situation and you’re looking to jump start your tele-sales program then you’ve come to the right place.

Teleconcepts Consulting helps B to B distributors, re-sellers, manufacturers, service providers and others throughout the US and Canada, use the telephone more effectively, more efficiently and more profitably to sell their products and services.

If you’re like most B to B companies with a telephone selling or marketing program you probably feel your tele-sales team could do better. Maybe a lot or maybe a little, but better. You suspect that you can increase sales or improve the quality of the leads or perhaps penetrate new markets and grow market share.  Or perhaps you are looking to improve overall profitability by reducing turnover or maybe by increasing the value of sale…but you’re not quite certain how to do it.

But there is a solution.

4 Step Process

The solution to more effective tele-sales program requires a focused strategy, a highly skilled manager, superbly trained sales reps and a well designed and executed implementation plan. Making the transition to a more effective and profitable tele-sales program is a 4 step process:

Step #1: Assess and review your current telephone sales or marketing program from stem to stern and determine the precise areas that impact revenue, effectiveness and profitability.

Step #2: Based on the assessment and review, develop a comprehensive written action plan to use as a blueprint to guide the implementation of your tele   sales program. 

Step #3: Implement the new practices, processes and procedures based on your plan.

Step #4:  Monitor, nurture, coach, adjust and modify the new program to achieve success.

Teleconcepts Consulting

Since, 1991, Teleconcepts Consulting has been working with B to B distributors, resellers, manufacturers, service related industries and others helping them increase the bottom line of their tele-sales programs.

Whether it’s consulting or training or coaching, we have worked with dozens of companies in a variety of industries from small to large helping them establish or improve their tele-sales program. We have an absolutely stellar record of success that proves our approach works! And it can work for you as well!

Please browse this web site for more detailed information on how we can make your telephone selling program more effective and profitable.


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Jim Domanski
CEO Teleconcepts Consulting