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Are you looking for sure-fire ways to enhance your selling skills? How about tips, techniques and strategies to give you that sales edge?

If so, this page is for you.

In the link below, you will find a nice stash of popular articles from Teleconcepts. These represent some the requested articles from past issues of “Tele-Sales Vitamins” newsletter.

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Articles by Jim Domanski

9 Voice Mail Blunders
Strategies and Tactics to Tackle Voice Mail

It is not surprising that so many sales reps complain about not have their voice mail message returned. Judging by the dozen and half voice mails I have received from sales people over the past couple of weeks the reason is obvious: they are lousy….<click here for the complete article>

Let Me Think About It
3 Ways to a Classic Objection

What would selling be like without a daily dose of “Let me think about it?” Probably a whole lot easier and a whole lot less frustrating. But since the objection isn’t going to go away any time soon perhaps now s a good time to look at some ways to tackle it…<click her for the complete article>

Advance the Sale
How to Sell More in Less Time

There are only four outcomes to any sales situation: a sale, no sale, a continuance and an advance. The first two outcomes are easy to comprehend. But the line between a continuance and advance is the line between mediocre reps and immensely successful reps…
<click here for the complete article>

The Intrigue Syndrome
Getting a Response to Your Voice Mail

Have you read any novels by John Grisham, Tom Clancy, Nelson DeMille or perhaps Anne Perry? They have the uncanny ability to draw you in, to get you to read the next paragraph, the next page and the chapter beyond even though it is well past midnight…<click here for the complete article>

The McCarthy Opener
A Different Kind of Opening Statement

“What’s a good opening line when prospecting?” Next to: “How do you get past voice mail?” this question is the most often asked by sales reps who attend my training sessions. Anyone is sales knows how difficult it is to capture a prospect’s fickle and fleeting attention especially if you sell “like” or “identical” products or services…<click here for the complete article>

The Rule of 7
How to Build Mindshare and Prospect More Effectively

How often do you follow up with a prospect? Do you make one call and hope that is enough? Two? Three? Four follow ups? Is there a magic number of follow ups that will increase your chances of sales success? Yes. The magic number appears to be seven…<click here for the complete article>

You Inc.
A Strategy For Better Sales

Oh, I vividly remember when they took away the corporate credit cards from the sales reps at a major company. Oh, here was a wailing and a gnashing of teeth that could be heard country wide. The sales force lamented and as one, cried in unison that ‘enterntainment’ was vital to their sales success; that frequent visits to their clients were instrumental to keep the client happy; that competitors would pillage the field; that his was the beginning of the end for sales in the company…<click here for the complete article>

Tone Deaf
Using E-Mail in the Selling Process

The use of e-mail in the selling process is growing by leaps and bounds. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. There are several key points to remember when using e-mails in the sales process. ..<click here for the complete article>

I am Not Interested
Dealing with Knee Jerk Objections

Nothing, absolutely nothing, cuts a conversation shorter with a prospect than a brusque, “I am not interested.” The selling arena across North America lies littered with the ‘dead and wounded’ sales reps that were slashed by these four words. Knowing how to respond to this objection can make your sales life a whole lot easier…<click here for the complete article>

Add On Selling with E-Mail
How to Leverage What Ya Got

Are you squeezing every last ounce of sales potential from every customer contact you make? Probably not. I am referring particularly to e-mail. No I am not talking SPAM. I am talking about making your e-mails just a little more effective; just a little more promotional/educational; a little more sales focused…<click here for the complete article>

The Vital Few Vs. the Trivial Many
How to Avoid the Herd and Get to the Top of Sales

Are you one of the ‘vital few’ or one of the ‘trivial many’ when it comes to sales within your organization. Which sounds better to you/ Do you like being thought of one of the ‘trivial many’? do you like being part of a big mediocre herd when it comes to sales? Do you like being fat-dab in the middle of the pack?...<click here for the complete article>