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“I have used Teleconcepts over the past several years on a couple of major projects. The reason is simple: Jim gets the results we are looking for. In particular, he has been extremely effective in helping us align our tele-sales strategy. Not only has this saved us considerable time and effort, it’s getting us the leads we need to sustain our sales force.”
Alan Ford
Director of Sales Development
“We consulted with Teleconcepts to help us boost our sales results and improve our training process. Jim conducted an Audit and Review of our tele-sales team and recommended a proactive coaching strategy. With his help and continuing guidance, we restructured our team, trained our managers, built job aids and implemented the coaching program. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. We have achieved or exceeded our sales objectives in three of the last four months. We are well on the way to exceeding our objectives for the year.”
Brandi Howe
Director of Sales
Red Vector

1. Consulting Services – The Audit & Review (A & R)

What is an A& R?

Think of the A&R as your annual physical with your doctor. The objective of the A&R is to simply review the ‘health and well being’ of your call center. In other words, it examines every aspect of your tele-sales department from stem to stern. It probes, pokes, questions and digs into every nook and cranny of your program with the goal of finding ways and means for your program to run more effectively, efficiently and profitably.

Why an A&R?

The strength of the A&R is twofold:

First, it provides an objective third party review of your tele-sales program. Let’s face it: sometimes we are too close to the forest to see the trees. While that might be a cliché, it is true nonetheless. We don’t always see the obvious and we almost certainly never see the subtle. A third party perspective gives just that: perspective.

Second, it provides you with 15 years of tele-sales knowledge and experience culled and condensed from hundreds of clients. What this really means is an assessment of your tele-sales department relative to the best practices of dozens and dozens of clients across North America.

What will an A & R do for me?

By implementing an A&R you can expect:

  • An unbiased view of what you are doing well and how you can leverage those strengths to improve sales and profitability
  • An unbiased view of what you are NOT doing well and what you can do to eliminate or reduce these weaknesses
  • A fully documented, written report on the results of the A&R
  • A complete implementation program to implement the recommendations which gives you a game plan…and in the end, saves you a lot time and effort

How does an A &R work?

From a ‘methodology’ point of view, Teleconcepts conducts interviews with key player in your tele-sales department. This includes executives, managers and sales reps. We also use:

  • Call monitoring to assess your reps, your clients and your prospects
  • on the floor observation to review how your people work
  • a review of your marketing material and how it is used
  • an evaluation of your key performance indicators.

The A&R is almost a forensic review of your tele-sales program that examines seven core areas:

1. Strategic Review and Assessment - the A&R begins with a thorough assessment of your tele-sales program by reviewing your products/services, target market pricing and marketing strategies to determine if they are in alignment with your tactical approach.

2. Human Resource Assessment - this is a detailed examination of your approach to hiring and selection, training, compensation, motivation, coaching your sales team, including a full assessment of your management and supervisory staff

3. Call Management Process - this portion of the A&R assesses your tactical approach to a call: the type of sale (complex? transactional? Team?), the scripts or call guides used to support the call, job aids and other selling tools available to the sales rep

4. Market Integration Review - how the telephone program is integrated with other support media (such as direct mail, fax, e-mail, brochures, web sites etc.) will impact the ultimate success and profitability of your program

5. Key Indicator Evaluation - there are three key indicators that are reviewed: reports that deal with productivity, performance (ratios) and profitability; the A & R examines your reports and compares them with industry averages to add perspective

6. Telephony Assessment - while Teleconcepts is not a technology vendor it does provide a very practical review of the tools and technology that support the tele-sales program

7. Environmental Review - The final aspect of the A& R is an assessment of the physical layout and design of the work environment and work flow processes to determine if there potential areas of improvement

How do I get more information on the A&R?
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